Back into houseplants

I’ve been re-potting most of my plants this week and I’ve been walking by and staring at them whenever I get a chance.

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Belated Sewing Project Action Shots

Here’s my little one in the dress I made. (original post) These pics are from June. It’s super cute, but the big opening at the back made it a little impractical. I never wanted to put her in it if we were driving anywhere because then her bare skin would be against the hot car seat. And since I never did put elastic in the matching bloomers, it also seemed a little risque. (pattern link)

2013-06-14_10-39-56_875 2013-06-14_10-40-02_294

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I made a hat for my darling niece.

Yarn: Panda Soy in Positive Purple, less than 2 skeins

Needles: Size 3

PatternAviatrix, sport weight

Finished: December 2013

Notes: I doubled the yarn. Fingering weight doubled ~= sport weight. Button from my stash. I forgot to take any pictures before gifting it, so I don’t have any macro shots, but I think the adorable toddler more than makes up for that.

2014-01-07_19-08-35_562 2014-01-07_19-08-29_163 2014-01-07_19-08-44_835 2014-01-07_19-08-54_25

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I baked something!

I got new mini muffin tins for Christmas and my first recipe was a complete success. I used the cornbread recipe from Vegan Soul Kitchen (minus the nuts) and pushed sliced up Field Roast apple sage sausages into the middle. SOOOO GOOD! And perfect for my daughter’s little hands.

IMG_8638 IMG_8639

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I knit something!

My wanting to get back into knitting coincided perfectly with my best friend requesting an earwarmer/headband type thing. Google, Ravelry, and my stash took me to Calorimetry.


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Cloth Napkins

I haven’t had much time for crafting since Millie came along, but today Rick took charge long enough for me to whip up 4 cloth napkins with some fabric I had been holding on to. I originally planned to make tea towels with it, but I now have a ton and a half of those thanks to an awesome aunt who sent me several hand embroidered ones. I did each set of seams in a different colored thread for funsies.


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Vegan Eats World!

So awhile back I was a recipe tester for Terry Hope Romero‘s new cookbook – Vegan Eats World. And now it’s out! And it’s gorgeous! And I got a free copy for helping out! I wish I had found time to participate more, but I had a great time and was very much not expecting to get a copy for my meager number of recipes tested. So that’s pretty awesome.

Here are the recipes that I tested.

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